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Governator, Apr 26, 12 12:32 AM.
Hey All,
I have been away from the game and I apologize for that but things are on the up and up.
Still only have about 10-15 people signed up on here, is that all we have? the rest are all alts >.> lol

Anyway - Once you have created your account with your MAIN CHARACTER as you username then you can go onto character creation. You do this by going into the roster page and clicking edit on the characters that you added during the account creation process. By doing this you can set what class your character is and also the top 3 specs you play. By doing this it gives me a good idea of raid composition when im putting raid groups together :)

Something cool about this site is when creating your account, you set what timezone you are in. Doing this allows me to add raids based on SVT on Rift but when you look at the scheduled Raid it will display it in Server Time and your local time :)

Once I am fully back on the internet again at home I will be putting up the first scheduled raid. This raid will require you to be signed up for it. If we do not make the numbers on the signup the raid will be filled with pugs.

I want all raiders signed up on this site please, if anyone asks in guild about raids etc point them to this site and tell them to sign up etc

ALSO, one more thing - soon there will be Forum pages with info about builds etc guides etc
please send me a mail if you would like to help out with this project


Kings Bossmods - Raid Helper

Governator, Apr 22, 12 1:20 PM.
Hey All,
If you don't already have this please download it :)
It is a super help



Governator, Apr 21, 12 3:29 PM.
Ok guys :)
Signing up is pretty strait forward, you need to list your lvl 50s when you sign up and you can go into your roster and change your class and what souls you use most also to give a better idea of who does what.

PLEASE WHEN SIGNING UP USE YOUR MAIN CHARACTER NAME AS YOUR USERNAME: this will help me keep better track of people.

once you are all signed up and shizz you can actually go to the calender and confirm if you can make it to raids etc etc

any questions flick me something and ill help you out.

Cheers Gov
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